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“Play the player – Sometimes you just have to play the player, and not the cards in front of you. If you have a player, raising pot after pot, you need to slow him down, so he doesn’t dominate the table and take all the chips away from the table. Instead of waiting for a prime hand to take him down, you need to raise him and put some pressure on him, so he stops bullying the table”
The later your position around the table, means your odds of winning the hand significantly increase if you know how to understand the strategy of preflop raising as your position changes.
Before you make a big decision, take your time, also online. Ask yourself a few questions. What does my opponent hold? What does he think I hold? What does my opponent believe I think he holds? Its important to ask yourself these questions, because the more you practise reading your opponents, the quicker you will find that you begin to develop a true poker sense.
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All the Poker tips you need to get the edge
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Testimonials received trough emails:

I have read a lot of poker books. Most of it I couldn’t even understand, what I did understand didn’t help me much. Thanks for your tips they are easy to remember and imply.

Gareth Smith, California, USA

You really have put together some incredible tips, its really helped my game tremendously.

Maria Evers, Stockholm, Sweden


Wow, amazing… I love it. Each hand I play… there is always something I can relate to.

Raj Thakrar, London, UK


I have been playing online for quite a few years now, and to be completely honest I did well. But a few of your tips made me realize that I have to reconsider and correct my poker strategy.

Stein, Norway


First of all I would like to thank you guys for the tips. I like them very much cuz Its easier to remember then reading a book. Sofare I have read books but for me it is hard to remember all what I read and I think its much easier to remember the 100 tips. I am trying to remember 5 every day and I have experienced an increase in my game.

Chang Lin, Australia


I purchased the ebook, it is so useful and easy to remember. Little did I realize what a great investment it is as I have won my first online tournament – thank you

Bonnie Domenny, Nice, France


I am someone who needs to see it in print so I can add notes to it. When I purchased the 100 Essential tips I printed out the PDF copy and put on my desk. Its there in front of me every time I play online. Its much easier to follow alongside my game so I can go back and refer to it when I need to. Great job in writing it.

Olli, Lahti, Finland.

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